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Children North East
Children North East
Poverty Proofing The School Day

We’re thrilled to be working with the fantastic charity, Children North East. The digital team have woven their magic to develop a new website for the charity’s latest initiative, Poverty Proofing the School Day. The campaign supports schools to identify and overcome the barriers to learning, that children and young people from families with less financial resources face. 

The launch event has been a huge success with enquiries coming from schools all around the UK. The initiative has already gained substantial cross-sector support and will have a real impact on the lives of some of our region’s children
We are excited to be working with r//evolution marketing who are bringing a touch of magic to our work to Poverty Proof the School Day. Turning dry documents into useable resources for schools to use. We are certain that the final toolkit will support schools to address the stigmatisation and discrimination that often takes place during the school day. Creating a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of our regions children and young people. A great example of the contribution design can make
Sara Bryson
Policy & Business Development Officer