The Team.

We're r//evolution - the r//esults agency. Our experienced team have a whopping 140 years worth of industry experience - rest assured you're in the very best hands.

Gill Burgess

Managing Director

r//evolution is Gill's pride and joy. She established the company in 2002 and is a constant inspiration to the team - guiding our staff and clients to significant successes.

Gill is passionate about innovative marketing and excellent customer service. She's also a big Pilates fan and can be found tending to her lovely garden in the warmer months.


  • Bad manners
  • Dark mornings
  • Heights

Adam Blenkinsop


Adam leads large-scale digital projects, online and inbound marketing campaigns, and new business.

With the ability to see the big picture, Adam drives innovation through the implementation of cutting-edge tools and bespoke delivery platforms. He's big on all things sporty, especially football and is about to take on his second Great North Run for charity.


  • Musicals
  • Lazy days
  • Traffic and reckless drivers

Ros Haverson

Head of Design

With an inventive mind and an eye for contemporary branding, Ros loves design in any form. She delivers powerful results whatever the brief. 

Away from the office, she can be found taking on an energetic fitness class or enjoying the region's cultural scene. She's currently making the rest of the office jealous by planning an exciting holiday to Greece!


  • Bananas
  • Spreadsheets
  • Lifts

Anna Graham

Head of Communications

A PR professional with a love of all things Harry Potter, Anna works her magic to coax good news out of our clients.

With ten years of experience managing PR and marketing campaigns, Anna keeps the comms team running with excellent customer service and remarkable r//esults.

She's launched airline routes, national integrated campaigns and engaging stakeholder events over the years.


  • Avocado
  • Football
  • Loud chewing

Sam Leaver

Head of Development

Sam loves 'proper' coffee - so he's quite particular when it comes to a cuppa. He's got 15 years of industry experience, meaning he's best placed to lead our digital team.

He oversees our web projects from start to finish, ensuring all things digital work like a dream. He's currently renovating a house and spends much of his spare time driving diggers about in his garden.


  • Rhubarb
  • Oysters
  • Simply Red

Helen Hardy

Project & Business Manager

A safe set of hands, Helen has done it all during her 15 years with r//evolution. Helen manages a range of client projects and the office, so if you've got a project, finance or business query - she's the lady to speak to.

A lover of holidays, Goldendoodles and shoes, Helen is passionate about the North East and our wonderful cultural and leisure offerings.


  • Sunday drivers
  • Noisy eaters
  • Boredom

Joseph Jackson

Lead UX Developer

Joe brings a wealth of knowledge in design-centric web development. He thinks about the user experience and is the brains behind some of our most exciting digital projects in recent years.

Outside the office, Joe is an accomplished musician and can often be found performing at local venues or creating quirky fashion lines and running a vegan cookery website.


  • Knees
  • Masks
  • Elvis

Byren Atkinson

Junior front-end developer

Having never made a cup of tea before joining the team, Byren has learned more than he imagined he would at r//evolution... (We really do like our tea!)

When building websites, Byren has a keen eye for design and a great technical ability. Byren spends his spare time improving his performance on the physical and virtual football pitch.


  • Brightness
  • Slow walkers
  • Loud talking

Steph Hudson


A clever clogs when it comes to all things design with a Masters in Communication Design and a BA in Graphic Design, Steph works wonders for our clients.

Steph has a designers brain and a background in both traditional marketing collateral and digital channels - she also has the cutest labradoodle we’ve ever seen...


  • The word hate
  • Dentists
  • Heights

Alec Pritchard

Lead Back-End Developer

A lover of all things code, Alec is a perfectionist when it comes to back end development. He spends his days optimising database queries and writing tidy, organised code for our clients. Neat and efficient code makes him happy - as do his wife and three children!


  • Rock music
  • Facebook politicians
  • Traffic jams

Samantha Wilcox

Account Manager

A PR professional who always puts her best foot forward, shoeaholic Samantha loves helping her clients make strides in their communication goals.

With a background including motorsport journalism, and significant experience in the sector, it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about putting businesses in pole position.

Her favourite things about the job are the amount of research involved and learning random facts; from the best place to spot whales in the UK to the collective term for a group of bakers! (It’s a tabernacle)


  • Closed minds
  • Reality TV
  • Losing board games

Chris Glancey

Account Manager

Chris loves all things digital marketing. CIM and DMI certified, he loves to put his marketing knowledge to test and help clients achieve fantastic results.

Away from work, he can often be found watching Sunderland play, and regularly lose, as well as attempting to play cricket in the summer.


  • Rude people
  • Arrogant people
  • Dawdlers
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