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The Team.

We're r//evolution ...and what we do best is help businesses to grow profitably and sustainably. There's no one size fits all here - everything we do is aligned to our client's growth ambitions. Tailor-made for maximum impact where it matters most.

Gill Burgess

Managing Director

r//evolution is Gill's pride and joy. She established the company in 2002 and is a constant inspiration to the team - guiding our staff and clients to significant successes.

Gill is passionate about driving innovative growth and excellent customer service. She's also a big Pilates fan and can be found tending to her lovely garden in the warmer months.


  • Bad manners
  • Dark mornings
  • Heights

Adam Blenkinsop


Adam leads large-scale revenue growth and digital transformation projects for a range of high-performing clients.

With the ability to see the big picture, Adam drives innovation and rapid growth through the implementation of cutting-edge tools and approaches. He's big on all things sporty, especially football and rally driving.


  • Musicals
  • Lazy days
  • Traffic and reckless drivers

Ros Haverson

Head of Design

With an inventive mind and an eye for contemporary branding, Ros loves design in any form. She delivers powerful results whatever the brief. 

Away from the office, she can be found taking on an energetic fitness class or enjoying the region's cultural scene. She's currently making the rest of the office jealous by planning an exciting holiday to Greece!


  • Bananas
  • Spreadsheets
  • Lifts

Chris Glancey

Head of Online Marketing

Chris loves all things digital marketing. CIM and DMI certified, he loves to put his marketing knowledge to test and help clients achieve fantastic results.

Away from work, he can often be found watching Sunderland play, and regularly lose, as well as attempting to play cricket in the summer.


  • Rude people
  • Arrogant people
  • Dawdlers

Steph Hudson


A clever clogs when it comes to all things design with a Masters in Communication Design and a BA in Graphic Design, Steph works wonders for our clients.

Steph has a designers brain and a background in both traditional marketing collateral and digital channels - she also has the cutest labradoodle we’ve ever seen...


  • The word hate
  • Dentists
  • Heights

Becky McCartney

UX/UI Designer

Becky is a master at coming up with breath-taking concepts and seeing them right through to the end. She specialises in creating engaging user journeys for our clients – both online and on mobile.

Away from the office, super-fit Becky loves the gym and takes on at least three spin classes a week. She can bench press with the best of them!


  • Rudeness
  • Liars
  • Mayonnaise

Byren Atkinson

front-end developer

Byren is the digital know-it-all you want in your corner - highly skilled, ambitious and knowledgeable, he's a key part of our web team and our clients love his friendly nature! 

Away from work, Byren can often be found playing football for his local team Ellington Plough or playing video games on his popular Twitch channel.


  • Reckless Drivers
  • Slow Walkers
  • Loud Talking

Militsa Koleva

Online Marketing Executive

When it comes to online marketing, Militsa has her finger firmly on the pulse. Fully HubSpot certified, she is up to speed on the world’s largest inbound marketing platform and works with a wide range of lifestyle and tech brands to deliver impactful and successful integrated online campaigns.

Outside of work, Militsa is always on the hunt for good food and new artisan coffee shops.


  • Lies
  • Egotistic People
  • Cold English Summers

Sophie Cooke

Online Marketing Executive

Sophie loves a plan and works hard to make sure our clients are getting the best out of their online marketing efforts. Prior to joining r//evolution Sophie worked for The Body Shop, equipping her with in-depth global brand experience. Combining her experience in digital and content marketing, she provides solutions to help our clients fuel growth through their online platforms.

Sophie enjoys independent travel, but closer to home she uses her time to read books and listen to podcasts on business and creating a fairer, more sustainable world.


  • Being Bored
  • Horror Films
  • Fast Fashion

Jake Brown

Full Stack Developer

Jake has worked as a skilled developer for 6 years, specialising in Java, with a comprehensive skill set across all areas of development- from websites to mobile applications- and everything in between! This experience makes Jake a great fit for our clients, providing them with high quality technical solutions which fuels business development.

When he’s not in the office, Jake is actively engaged with the police, taking on the recruitment process for Special Constable with Northumbria Police. He fills any leftover free time with his love for online gaming and social media!


  • Ignorance
  • Fish
  • Console Gamers

Luke Marshall

Full Stack Developer

Luke has extensive experience as a developer- since he started building websites when he was just 9 years old! He has since gained experience with a number of big names, including Formula 1 and BBC. With a vast knowledge of all front and back end development, Luke is perfectly positioned to help our high-growth clients achieve ambitious technical goals.

Outside the (home) office Luke can be found learning new tech and playing video games.


  • Being stuck in traffic
  • Small spaces
  • Watermelon
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