Communication Strategy.

We're skilled at crafting communication and Public Relations strategies which deliver r//esults for clients. With the media and digital landscapes changing all of the time, contemporary businesses require a considered approach to planning and a targeted strategy if they wish to achieve their goals.

What is a communication strategy?

Like a map, a communication strategy will outline your company's journey - demonstrating the big picture for your business.

According to The Good Pitch, a communication strategy is "a holistic planning approach to engaging a brand's audience to ensure greater effectiveness."

A communication and PR strategy should capture your objectives, the mechanics and tactics you will use to meet your objectives and how activity will be measured to ensure best return on investment (ROI).

What can a communication strategy do for my business?

A communication strategy will ensure that your business stands the best possible chance of achieving success - creating a rationale and thought processes behind each piece of marketing activity.

A considered and well-researched strategy will act as a reference point for all future activity which can be shared with your staff to provide a framework for success.

A communication strategy can:

  • Record the goals of your business
  • Consider all aspects of communication and how they work together
  • Ensure that your budget matches your ambition
  • Highlight your key messages
  • Define your target audience

How can r//evolution help with communication strategy?

Our PR and Communications team has 140 years worth of industry experience - so we are well placed to guide your communications strategy.

We work closely with you to establish your key messages, ideal customers, desired outputs and targeted media outlets to create a strategy document which aligns to your overall objectives. We'll also help you implement the communications plan and measure your progress.

In need of an outstanding PR agency? Get in touch to discover how a communication strategy could benefit your business.

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