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RSPB Saltholme.

Lambing Live 2017.

Lambing Live is a key event in the calendar for RSPB Saltholme as the staff and volunteers at the reserve celebrate their newest arrivals.

Over 9,000 people watched the Lambing Live social media video

The annual event was forced to take a hiatus in 2016 following devastating dog attacks which made national news and sadly led to the death of 50 sheep. It was therefore vital that r//evolution worked closely with the nature reserve to inform, entertain and influence potential visitors when lambing returned in 2017.

r//evolution delivered an integrated campaign to bring the event back which included media relations, video production, social media, social advertising and infographic creation.

Working closely with the reserve team, we created links with local media, profiling the return of the event and working with the press to secure highly visible coverage. Reporters, photographers and film crews from a number of key media outlets including ITV Tyne Tees, Made in Teesside, BBC Tees and the Northern Echo featured the event, which was a major success.

r//evolution used expert communications skills to craft targeted media releases and editorial which achieved a print coverage reach of a whopping 2,204,662 for the campaign.

We also created a social media video which achieved thousands of views online - alongside a number of Facebook Live videos in the run up to the event to build momentum.

In order to encourage engagement, we ran a  ‘Name the Lamb’ social media competition. Using photographs of the first lamb to be born, the competition asked people on Facebook to suggest a name for the newborn. The competition gained lots of entries and generated positive discussions about the event. The name Sputnik was eventually selected by the reserve team and he was well liked on social media.

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