Media Training.

Media training can provide the skills and confidence needed to represent your business in the press. Media training ensures that your spokespeople are confident, articulate and credible communicators.

What is media training?

Public relations (PR) is essential when it comes to looking after the reputation of your business. One way to increase your exposure is to make yourself available for comment or interview with the media, positioning yourself and your business as experts in your field and key influencers.

Media training helps businesspeople hone the skills required to deliver key messages in media interviews. The best spokespeople are often called upon by the media for comment time and time again thus raising their profile - so it's an investment worth considering for those wishing to raise their profile.

What can media training do for my business?

Switch on the news and you're sure to see an interview with a spokesperson who is giving their opinion on the latest news story. Media training will help your representative get their message across effectively, putting forward what you want to communicate in a clear and confident way.

Media training can:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Define key messages
  • Develop prepared responses to difficult questions
  • Help you raise the profile of your business

How can r//evolution help with media training?

Here at r//evolution, we have first-hand experience of handling press interviews and delivering media training. We can show you how to use words, tone and body language to deliver your message and if you've got a story or opinion to share - we've got you covered.

As a first-rate PR and communications agency, we can provide media training ahead of any PR campaigns or indeed crisis situations, so that you're ready as and when media interviews arise.

Over the years, our experts have helped our clients secure interviews with media outlets including BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Look North, ITV Tyne Tees and Made in Tyne & Wear, coaching our clients beforehand to ensure key messages are delivered with confidence.

As a result of our excellent media contacts, our clients are often called upon for comment when relevant opportunities come along.

Want to make sure you're prepared for your next media interview? Talk to our PR and communications team.

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