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Whether you’re looking for support with your quarterly corporate magazine, annual report, a consumer magazine – or something else altogether – our talented designers will work with you to make sure your publication is spot on. When it comes to magazine design and creation for your business, you're in safe hands with our outstanding creative team.

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what are the benefits of magazines and printed publications?

Magazines (especially when they are well designed with your stakeholders and target audience in mind) are a great way to engage and connect with people.

Having a longer-form publication - such as a magazine allows you to provide your customers with valuable content and demonstrate why you’re an industry leader plus other important key messages.

They're also a great visual channel to communicate your news, services or updates and can be a tangible touch point with your brand. When created with your business in mind, branded magazines can help cement your brand identity too.

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how can r//evolution help with your magazine design and creation?

Let us take the stress out of magazine design and creation. Pulling together a magazine or publication can be a big task and we’ll make the process as smooth as possible for you and your team.

From the initial design concepts to the finished magazine creative ready for printing, each element of your corporate magazine, report or publication is custom designed and presented in a creative yet professional way. All illustrations and designs are created by our designers and are tailor-made keeping in mind your brand’s personality.

Our communications team are whizzes when it comes to copywriting and content production for your printed publications – should you need any support. We’ll ensure your magazine not only looks the part but sounds it too, with content that engages your audiences, embodies your brand and conveys vital key messages.

We also work closely with our trusted printing partners to ensure the production of your magazine is executed to the highest quality and complements your brand identity. When working with r//evolution to design and create your magazine, you can rest assured you’ll benefit from expert input and support from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

If you're looking to launch a magazine or printed publication - whether it's a corporate magazine or something fun for consumers our brilliant designers can help. Feel free to browse our portfolio to see our creative team in action.

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