Magazines and Newsletters.

Whether you want an internal newsletter to keep employees abreast of the latest company news or a regular, professional magazine with special features for your customer base, newsletters and magazines are great ways to maintain regular contact with your stakeholders.

What are the benefits of printed publications?

Magazines and newsletters are periodical publications which are often focused on a particular subject matter or aimed at a particular readership.

They're great visual ways to communicate your news, services or updates and can be easier to digest than larger chunks of copy.

What can they do for my business?

Building relationships with customers, clients, prospects and your employees is crucial. Businesses who embrace relationship building as a part of their overall marketing strategy are far more likely to generate customer loyalty and repeat business. Not only that, it may be more cost effective for your business to target and up sell to existing customers than it is to generate new leads.

Magazines and newsletters can:

  • Create a personal connection with prospects and clients
  • Give you a platform to display your expertise on a deeper level
  • Generate customer loyalty
  • Improve employee communication

How can r//evolution help?

Our design agency will work with you to provide a complete service - from developing initial creative ideas to designing artwork, writing copy, printing and distribution.

r//evolution will work closely with you to co-ordinate the production of your project, ensuring a high standard of accuracy with attention to detail in all areas and a timely delivery. Brand guidelines will be observed, to ensure synergy and the tone of voice will consistently reflect the key messages and values of your business.

Our team is experienced in researching and writing publications and can create the content for you - happily interviewing members of your team and your clients to compile the skilled copy required.

In addition to a high-quality, printed version of the magazine or newsletter, we can create a PDF version of your publication so that it is available to download from your website to support data capture.

Have a gander at our design portfolio and please give us a call - let's create something wonderful. 
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