Wordpress Development.

Once a blog publishing platform, WordPress has grown to become a popular Content Management System (CMS).

With flexibility and versatility, WordPress offers a great foundation to build a range of different websites. r//evolution's development team are experienced and knowledgeable, able to build WordPress websites for businesses that help drive success.

What is WordPress development?

WordPress is particularly popular as themes and plugins are available which, when integrated with a site, can support custom functionality requirements. This means WordPress suits all kinds of sites, including:

  • eCommerce or online stores
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Membership sites
  • Service or appointment booking sites
  • Brochure websites

What can WordPress development do for my business?

WordPress has a number of features which make it a great CMS option for your website. It is optimised to offer a fast loading speed, which can improve the user experience, as well as your ability to manage your website regularly. WordPress supports social media integration which, not only a benefit in itself, can have a positive impact on SEO too.

Speaking of SEO, WordPress takes search engine optimisation very seriously. WordPress fulfils all the SEO responsibilities your business needs from a CMS, and makes elements such as image optimisation straightforward and quick to complete - helping increase the ranking of your website. There are additional plug-ins our team can help you with to boost your SEO efforts.

WordPress can:

  • Handle multiple authors
  • Give access to specialised content types
  • Be easy to learn and use

How can r//evolution help with WordPress?

We work with our clients to understand the role their website needs to play for their business and we plan, design and build outstanding websites - it's what we're all about as a leading digital agency.

With extensive experience in WordPress development, our web developers are keen to build sites that drive your business growth, enabling you to make the most from your online presence and activity. Your website will also look the part too, thanks to our creative design team and talented front-end developers.

It's not all about looks. Our user-experience specialists will ensure your WordPress website is fully optimised and responsive, so that it works seamlessly across multiple devices. They'll craft bespoke designs and layouts too that will offer your visitors an outstanding experience by making your website easy to navigate and intuitive. Websites created by r//evolution will also offer you the functionality your business needs, as our back-end developers will integrate or build any additional elements you require.

If you have something specific you want from a website, or if other providers have been unable to support you, let us know, we're always up for a challenge.

To find out more about the websites we've designed and developed, browse our digital portfolio and get in touch to discover if our digital agency is the right match for you.

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