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Get your HubSpot portal set up in 48 hours and have your first campaign up and running in less than a month. 

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Get the most out of your HubSpot platform through expert portal set-up, on-boarding and training on HubSpot Marketing, Sales and Service Hub. As a highly experienced HubSpot Gold agency partner, we're certain we'll deliver you an excellent onboarding experience that will have you seeing the benefits of your HubSpot platform in record time. Not only that, but our HubSpot onboarding is cheaper and faster than you can get it directly from HubSpot!

At r//evolution, we are committed to delivering a service that is better, faster and more effective for our customers, helping you to grow faster and stronger. Our Inbound experts will equip you with the skills and concepts to master the Inbound Methodology as well as empowering you to get the most out of your HubSpot platform. Throughout your 90-day onboarding, we will work with you to ensure that you get:  

  • your HubSpot portal set up and ready to use within 48 hours
  • your first inbound campaign launched within a month
  • one-to-one video coaching and training with HubSpot-certified experts
  • unlimited email support
  • campaign consultation with a senior inbound consultant
  • HubSpot training with a certified HubSpot expert (HubSpot Marketing, Sales & Service Hub)
  • unlimited access to our webinars and video training resources for your entire team

Once you finish technical setup and launch your first Inbound campaign on your HubSpot platform, onboarding is complete!


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Onboarding Options


Full technical setup within 48 hours 

Unlimited access to our daily training webinar 

Ongoing email support 

Consultation call with a content strategist 

Ongoing campaign support 

2x video calls with a senior strategist 


All of the features of Starter onboarding, plus: 

1x blog template 

1x email template 

1x pillar page template 

1x landing page template 


All the features of Professional onboarding, plus: 

Enterprise feature assistance 

One full day onsite visit from a senior strategist 

HubSpot Onboarding Timeline

Our HubSpot Onboarding team will deliver a series of 9, 1 hour long, 1-on-1 video coaching sessions to onboard you onto your HubSpot platform and help you to launch our first inbound campaign.


Onboarding kick-off

During the first session, we’ll discuss your short and long term goals as well as the deliverables for your first campaign and get you started with the onboarding process to configure the platform.

  • SLAs & expectations
  • SMART Goal setting
  • Connect social accounts
  • Install HubSpot tracking code
  • Confirm template design references

HubSpot CRM Setup

Before you can start using your HubSpot platform you’ll need to make sure that the CRM has the fields and properties within it that you need in our business. The HubSpot CRM Setup session teaches you to create your first property, install your tracking code and configure our analytics.

  • Filter internal traffic
  • Configure our blog
  • Using your own domain
  • Configuring your email
  • Connecting your mailbox
  • Creating your first property
  • Importing your contacts
  • Send test email

Campaign Planning

Now that your HubSpot platform is ready to use you can start to plan your first campaign. Fundamental to getting a high performing campaign off the ground is understanding your audience. This session will take a detailed look at your buyer personas to help you to build out awesome content that resonates.

  • Buyer Personas
  • Campaign goal definition
  • Keyword research
  • Dashboard setup

Campaign Preparation

Before you can start to deliver your first campaign you need to create your assets and resources. Our HubSpot Onboarding team will guide you through creating each of the resources that are going to make up your first campaign following the inbound principles. 

  • Build landing pages 
  • Build emails 
  • Build calls to actions 

Campaign Delivery

Now that your assets are set up and ready to go you need to have some great content to go with them. In this session you’ll create your first blogs and social posts for your campaign.  

  • Write blog posts 
  • Write social media posts 

Campaign Launch

Your first campaign is nearly ready to launch and during session 5 of your HubSpot Onboarding our inbound experts will help you prepare to launch your first campaign. Your newly created templates will be applied to the resources you’ve carefully created ready for the campaign to launch. 

  • Set up 301 redirects 
  • Review HubSpot template 
  • Apply template to landing pages 
  • Setup form actions for Landing Pages 
  • Launch blog and landing pages 

Campaign Optimisation

Now that your first campaign is up and running the next stage of our HubSpot Onboarding is to review and optimise the activity to deliver real results. Our Inbound experts will help you to create the automation to drive success. 

  • Set up lifecycle stage workflow 
  • Setup lead scoring rules 

Smart Campaigns

Personalisation delivers far better results in any campaign. Our Inbound experts will help you to create individual personalisation as you explore smart content and automated nurturing workflows at this stage of your HubSpot Onboarding. 

  • Setup Smart Content or Smart CTA 
  • Build/Test Workflows 

Campaign Review

The key to success in inbound is continued review and improvement. At the final stage of your HubSpot Onboarding our Inbound experts will help you to review the campaign activity and identify areas for improvement and opportunities to be capitalised upon. 

  • Review sources for visitor data 
  • Review LP conversion rates 
  • Review conversion path analytics 
  • Review blog posts for organic SEO 

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