Marketing Audits.

Ad hoc marketing may yield a few quick wins here and there, but having a marketing strategy in place will help you achieve long-term results, ensuring that you're using the right tools and tactics.

What is a marketing audit?

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a marketing audit is "the systematic, comprehensive and periodic review of the entire marketing activities of your company."

Not only do regular marketing audits make a business more productive and efficient, better planning leads to a more considered and proactive approach - rather than reacting to things as they happen.

Without a marketing plan, getting close to your customers or stakeholders can be tough - if you're not providing content that your customers want, they could simply find it somewhere else.

A marketing audit can help you make valuable changes to how you promote your business and will ensure you invest in relevant marketing outputs in the future, providing a better return on investment (ROI).

What can a marketing audit do for my business?

A marketing audit can:

  • Define your objectives
  • Identify weaknesses or areas for improvement
  • Create an action plan for the future
  • Increase the return on marketing investment
  • Help you stay ahead of the competition

How can r//evolution help?

We provide a comprehensive, systematic and independent marketing audit service which assesses ongoing activity and makes r//ecommendations for future success.

We take the time to collect data from your social media platforms, website and other outputs, analysing the data to provide a thorough picture of your day-to-day marketing activity and where improvements can be made. From here, we will work with you to set manageable objectives and put in place creative tactics to ensure that your marketing activities are fit for the future.

Need help with your marketing? Talk to us about a marketing audit for your business.

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