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93% of internet users send and receive email, providing your brand with a huge opportunity to reach and engage with your customers and clients. Email marketing isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

An extremely cost-effective tool, email is a hugely powerful online marketing channel which, when used in the right way, can have a positive impact on your business with significant return on investment (ROI).

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is direct marketing for the digital age. Send on-brand messages directly to your customers or potential customers, keeping them engaged and interested.

Email marketing can be simple, with emails sent on a regular basis to keep your brand at the forefront of your audience's mind, or it can be complex. Think highly segmented databases, complex A/B split testing, and automation to boost the impact of campaigns and touchpoints with your audience.

Whatever your business requires, email is a powerful tool for keeping customers in the loop and for warming up prospective customers too.

No matter the relationship, email can go a long way in building trust, awareness and interest in a brand or business. It can also be used to intelligently communicate to wider stakeholders or even to educate and engage with employees - email marketing shouldn't be underestimated.

How can email marketing help my business?

More people have email accounts than social media profiles - which is no surprise when you consider that you need an email address to do a lot of things online, whether it's signing up to Twitter or buying a new sofa...

With so many people checking their inboxes regularly, with emails arriving directly to the smartphone in their hands, e-marketing can help you reach lots of the right people quickly.

Email marketing is key to conversions (whatever metric you're looking at). Sales, visitor numbers, leads, or any other measure you're keen to see grow - email marketing can help. E-marketing allows you to deliver highly targeted, relevant, interesting and personalised messages.

What's more, campaigns are highly trackable - you can see who opened your emails, what time they read it and what they clicked on. It tells you a great deal about your individual contacts and your audience as a whole, allowing you to tweak, amend and improve over time to help your business to sustain the r//esults it wants.

How can r//evolution help with email marketing?

Whether you're looking for support with a simple email design, development, strategy or management, our full-service team of marketing experts are ready to help.

We're able to offer a variety of options when it comes to email marketing, from self-service campaign management through our intelligent email marketing software, to a fully-managed strategic campaign.

Whether we're providing you with the tools to do it yourself well, or conducting high performance email marketing campaigns on your behalf, we're happy to be with you each step of the way so you can get maximum impact and real r//esults.

Let's have a chat about how email marketing can help your business. 

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