Pay Per Click.

At r//evolution marketing, our online team plan, manage and deliver cost-effective Pay Per Click (PPC) activity for our clients, helping them to achieve r//esults which support business growth.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click can boost traffic to your website, whether you're looking to promote particular service areas or build general awareness, PPC is a powerful marketing tool.

Popular Pay Per Click tools include services such as Google Adwords, which drive traffic to your website based on user behaviour from search engines. You may have seen these kinds of adverts already when searching for products, news, businesses or any other information online. Pay Per Click campaigns can also be run through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so your business may also want to consider social media advertising opportunities.

Pay Per Click can be an economical way to increase the number of people (and potential customers) who visit your website. Budget is allocated per click, so you only pay when someone clicks on your advert to visit your site. Adverts are served to people either in search engine results or in some cases, on relevant websites based on user search terms and the keywords associated with your campaign.

The cost you pay per click, depends on a number of factors, and at r//evolution we're experts in optimising your campaign to help keep costs down and make the most of any budget.

What can Pay Per Click do for my business?

The great thing about Pay Per Click is that you only pay when someone interacts and clicks on your advert, which can often make it more budget-friendly than other online marketing alternatives.

If traffic to your website is vital for your organisation, then Pay Per Click can be a quick and effective way to get the visitors you need to support your business growth - whether this is through creating leads, sales or something else altogether.

With Pay Per Click campaigns using Google Adwords, it means you can feature higher up in search engine results, much more quickly than through other techniques for boosting online presence. Plus, as your Adwords adverts are linked to individual search behaviour, it's more likely that they'll be more open to your offer, making it more effective than less-targeted advertising opportunities.

If you're confident that increased visitors to your website can help you to achieve objectives and goals, then Adwords could be a powerful tool to use as part of your marketing mix.

Pay Per Click can:

  • Reach your target consumer at the right time and with the right message
  • Get quick results
  • Inform other marketing channels

How can r//evolution help with Pay Per Click?

Getting Pay Per Click campaigns right can be tricky. Many people fall into the trap of increasing budgets to continue increasing web traffic when they're unsure how else to boost results from their Adwords and other Pay Per Click campaigns.

r//evolution's online marketing team are experts in creating campaigns that make the most of your budgets, through optimisation and in-depth knowledge of how these systems work. Without careful management you may find you're spending more than you need to.

Our team can create your adverts to ensure they're striking the right notes with your target audience, optimise them so they drive traffic to your website, manage keywords, plus create landing pages to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. All of these factors involve ongoing management for best results, which can be time consuming. We can ensure your Pay Per Click campaign is well managed to make the most of your resources.

In a nutshell, we focus on making sure your campaigns reach the right people, driving the kinds of traffic you want to your website, and making sure campaigns run successfully without the need to increase budgets. We report on all Pay Per Click and Adwords activity to provide analysis, so you can understand how this marketing channel is delivering real r//esults for your business.

Get in touch with us or take a look at other online marketing solutions which may help your organisation meet its goals and objectives.

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