Remarketing is a highly effective marketing method to reconnect with those who have visited your website and shown interest in your brand.

It is a valuable technique to maintain awareness and visibility of your brand online, even after people leave your website - and our online team are here to help you get the most from it.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing places adverts across the Google Display Network - showing your ads to people who have already visited your website as they browse online. Have you ever noticed an advert showing you a pair of headphones you were considering purchasing a few days ago as you read the news online? That's remarketing.

It's a more personal approach to advertising. Remarketing campaigns can be highly targeted, based around people's habits - acting as an additional touch point with your brand, or going one step further and highlighting unique deals or offers related to products and services you know they've viewed.

How remarketing can help your business

We completely appreciate just how frustrating it can be to see healthy web traffic and activity improving when conversions don't seem to be growing at the same rate. That's why remarketing can be such a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal - it gives your brand the opportunity to connect with people who have previously visited your website and engaged with your business in some way online.

It's another chance for you to shine and show your potential customers what you're all about or remind them about a purchase they nearly made.

By keeping your business front of mind, it gives people the opportunity to reconnect with the brand, encouraging them in their journey to conversion.

How can r//evolution help?

When it comes to remarketing, it's vital to get the foundations right first. Establishing clear goals for campaigns and setting up appropriate landing pages and effective adverts with impactful messages are all key to a high performing campaign. We'll support you in reconnecting with potential customers and clients, encouraging them to return and convert on your website.

Our hard-working team will work with you to ensure your remarketing campaign is the best is can be from the word go, to help your business get the r//esults it wants. Get in touch. 

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