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Autumn Brewing Co.

Consumer PR Launch and Social Media.

Autumn Brewing Co. is the first brewing company in the UK to brew all of its beers and lagers in Britain using only naturally gluten-free brewing malts and ingredients.

Social Media Activity

Total campaign print reach: 1,614,421

The Brief.


Autumn Brewing Co. required a marketing partner to help:

  • Change attitudes towards gluten-free beer
  • Raise consumer awareness in regional and national media platforms
  • Develop and grow social media presence on Facebook and Twitter
  • Raise retailer awareness to drive product orders from the trade

The Solution.

In order to help change attitudes towards gluten-free beer as well as giving our client the opportunity to get feedback on their products, r//evolution organised a series of independent focus groups. This a qualitative evaluation of the product and understanding of the perception of the brand. r//evolution used the focus group feedback to form a strategic communications plan.

A full social media strategy was designed along with a social media content calendar to ensure a spread of high-quality content suitable for both coeliac sufferers and craft beer drinkers. Over a three month period, social media followers grew substantially, creating a real buzz around the launch of the company on social media.

r//evolution delivered a series of blog posts aimed at the company’s target audience. Blogs were intended to educate and drive interest in the new product range - highlighting what makes the ALT BREW range so different to other gluten-free beers.

r//evolution’s award-winning communications delivered a sustained PR campaign to launch the brewing company’s ALT BREW range. It achieved press coverage across all north east business press targets, food and drink trade press and gluten-free publications.

Building on the momentum of the launch of, r//evolution coordinated media relations activity immediately after the launch to announce the beers would be appearing on the shelves of a major national supermarket chain - just a month after the media launch.


The r//evolution team have been great to work with and are very knowledgeable in their specific areas of expertise. Over time the team have built up a good understanding of the business, its core values and key messages. The PR launch of the Business was handled very effectively by the r//evolution team

Writing of press releases and managing the follow up with different media outlets meant Autumn Brewing Co. was seen across different media platforms

Peter Briggs
Autumn Brewing Co.
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