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Michael O'Connor.

Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Luxury furniture retailer Michael O’Connor Furniture is a family business with a long history in the North East.

50% increase in online and phone sales

The Brief.

Michael O’Connor wanted to take advantage of all that eCommerce has to offer. r//evolution were required to support the furniture retailer to develop its online presence, boost traffic and ultimately increase sales and help grow the online side of the business.

The Solution.

With strong foundations in place thanks to a bespoke Ecommerce website built by the digital team, r//evolution’s online marketing department worked hard to support Michael O’Connor’s objectives. We conducted extensive keyword research and created fully optimised web copy to ensure Michael O’Connor was performing well in search engine results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and blogging are ongoing for the website, to continually improve the site’s performance and accommodate new brands, ranges and products.

As online sales are an important revenue stream for Michael O’Connor Furniture, r//evolution provide ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO), using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of the website and ensure the best return on investment for our client. To bolster sales, our online marketing team ensure that online advertising and per click activity is highly targeted.

To tie in further with this digital activity, a branded e-zine template has been created with regular campaigns being sent to the company’s database. Fully branded direct marketing campaigns such as these are the ideal way to make effective use of the data capture from the website in order to drive future traffic to the site.

Month on month sales so far indicate website traffic is growing.

Michael O'Connor digital marketing campaign including CRO & SEO

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