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VEO Group.

Ed-Tech Growth Strategy.

With applications across the business, education and training sectors, VEO is an innovative video tagging platform which helps organisations and individuals to reflect on performance and boost productivity.

VEO software is now used in 20 countries around the world, including the US, China, Canada, Singapore and Kazakhstan

Significant US investment secured

The Brief.

VEO uses a blend of qualitative and quantitative data to provide deep behaviour insights, empowering individuals to take charge of their learning and share best practice with fellow students and colleagues.

VEO required a Growth Partner to evaluate the existing customer acquisition activity and provide a strategic solution to deliver against the business’s growth target.

The Solution.

A series of workshops were held with the senior leadership team to swiftly identify the opportunities & challenges the business was facing. We worked with the team to identify the best fit growth markets across a number of territories including the US, Mainland Europe & the UK.

Key Buyer Personas for each customer demographic created clarity of customer need and a framework for the subsequent customer acquisition strategy.

A scalable Customer Acquisition Strategy was delivered through 4-6 week cycles, driving faster results and better performance using real-time, data-driven review and refinement.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) was embedded within the business, streamlining the tech-stack to allow efficient execution through automation & data-intelligence, and the removal of manual processes.

Subsequently the team used the CDP to deliver a high performing lead generation customer acquisition and customer nurturing strategy to drive rapid growth through the business.

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