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Estate Agency Website & Jupix Integration.

YoungsRPS is a long-established firm of chartered surveyors and estate agents servicing a territory from North Yorkshire to the borders and southern Scotland.

Estate Agency Website Software Integration

Within the first 2 months, the new website received uplifted visits and page views

The Brief.

YoungsRPS required a custom website to promote their estate and land agency services, and listings. The website needed to offer a contemporary design that provides customers with a positive user experience across all devices with excellent navigation and search functionality. A custom integration was also requested, enabling YoungsRPS’s estate agency software, Jupix, to transfer information directly into the website allowing the site to be automatically updated from the in-house system, limiting administration resource needed to populate the website.

The Solution.

A bespoke website was designed and built for YoungsRPS, including intelligent navigation and search functionality to offer customers an outstanding experience. This allows customers to use filters to find properties that meet their specific requirements – as well as providing the ability to mark properties as favourites for a more intuitive, helpful browsing experience.

Our specialist developers also created a custom integration with Jupix – YoungsRPS’ estate agency software, allowing any information included within the software’s XML feed to be transferred seamlessly to the website. This reduced admin time required to update the website with new or amended listings. The API integration pulls through any new information within minutes meaning the YoungsRPS website is kept consistently up to date and accurate.

With our integration, the text from property listings is imported directly into the YoungsRPS website. This means that search engines can see all information about each property and therefore list the properties in search results as relevant. As the website is continuously updated with new and useful content this has supported the business’ search engine rankings, with minimal resource required to update the site by the YoungsRPS team.

The integration automatically builds an image gallery from the property images too. This gallery is fully responsive and works brilliantly on desktops, tablets and mobiles giving YoungsRPS customers the opportunity to swipe through images of the properties, improving the website’s user experience.

Our integration also transfers downloads, so website visitors can download brochures, floor plans and energy ratings of YoungsRPS properties. The integration also pinpoints the property and displays Google Maps and Street View giving customers a true understanding of the property’s location, adding real value for the client’s customers.

The new website has improved search engine performance, reduced resource required to update the site and significantly improved the user experience, reinforcing positive relationships with the YoungsRPS customer base.

Estate Agency Website Jupix Software Integration

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