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Communicate Technology PLC.

Hubspot Setup.

Communicate Technology PLC provides a range of IT, telecommunications, support services to businesses, science parks, and business parks throughout the UK.

HubSpot Partner

Sales and marketing processes streamlined and optimised across the organisation

The Brief.

To set foundations for intelligent and sustained inbound marketing, r//evolution was tasked with researching, scoping and recommending a CRM and marketing software system for Communicate.

The r//evolution team also needed to manage the setup and implementation of these new CRM and marketing systems, including providing full-team training and ongoing support.

The Solution.

r//evolution implemented HubSpot, an internationally renowned CRM and marketing software system for Communicate PLC. A powerful tool, HubSpot augments inbound marketing campaigns and activity to boost leads and customers.

Working closely with the Communicate team, we ensured the systems were set up to reflect unique business processes and to allow for a strategic foundation for inbound marketing activity in the future. Custom reports were also built by r//evolution to provide Communicate with a full understanding of their sales process and marketing activity and the impact this was having on the business.

Training days were delivered by our knowledgeable team for the Communicate staff based across the UK. This helped to ensure consistent use of the sales and marketing software across the board and that all employees were confident in using HubSpot using best practice approaches.

Ongoing support and training is provided by our online marketing team as required to ensure that Communicate get the maximum benefit from the innovative HubSpot platform, providing a tool through which effective business development, sales and marketing activity can be conducted to enhance growth and support business objectives.

We worked with r//evolution on a CRM solution that would best fit our business, was GDPR compliant and had the capability to develop and be customisable as we grew. After meeting with r//evolution, we decided HubSpot was the best CRM for us. The team at r//evolution configured the system to suit our complex multi-divisional requirements – both from data input and interrogation perspective and a financial reporting perspective. As well as the building of our system, r//evolution provided bespoke training to our teams across our offices.

Emily Bentley
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Communicate Technology PLC
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