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Celerity is an award-winning IT services provider, delivering cyber security, data protection and storage management solutions from five offices across the UK. Over recent years, Celerity has been transitioning away from selling traditional hardware and support services, focusing more towards delivering cutting-edge cyber security and data protection solutions for clients across the UK.

The Brief.

To support the business’ growth strategy, Celerity required a new responsive, mobile friendly website.

The Solution.

Through detailed discussions between r//evolution’s development team and the Celerity Marketing team, HubSpot CMS was chosen for the new site. HubSpot CMS was selected because it offers the business the ability to personalize their entire customer experience from the first visit to every subsequent interaction. This approach is central to Celerity’s inbound marketing philosophy which, since its implementation, has been generating quality marketing quality leads for the business.

Speed, security, and reliability were one of the fundamental requirements for Celerity, and these are core to HubSpot CMS, with 99.999% up time.

r//evolution created a fully bespoke design for the site, including embedded video throughout, custom icons and graphics and informative case studies and testimonials. The site guides the visitor through a series of carefully planned CTA’s, with gated content including eBooks and datasheets providing data capture opportunities, in addition to a mailing list sign-up

The HubSpot CMS makes Celerity’s content creation and management as effective as possible, including blogs, landing pages, and core website content. Beyond this Celerity also valued easily interpreted reporting tool, enabling their team to track contact-level insights and accurately report on performance.

Revolution helped us to produce a fantastic new, clean and modern looking website which has delivered on our new website objective. We look forward in time to meeting our web traffic and conversion rate objectives.The team were able to take our ideas and transform them into exactly what we wouldn’t. Couldn’t be happier with our new website. Great team to work with and look forward to working with them more in the future.

David Taylor
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