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New Brand Development.

The coastline of Sunderland includes internationally important wildlife sites with wintering birds such as Purple Sandpiper and Turnstone, rocky foreshore and sandy beaches, and coastal sea cliff vegetation, unique to the underlying limestone strata.

The first project of this type in the North East

The Brief.

COAST invited r//evolution to create an exciting new brand identity, selecting the agency based on its extensive track record in the leisure and destination sector. r//evolution's creative team worked with representatives from COAST, discussing the requirements of the brand and how they saw the brand evolving.

It was important that the brand offered a considerable degree of flexibility, to enable its use in a variety of formats, including across staff uniforms and merchandise. The brief also required the logo related directly to the coastal landscape and protection of wading birds.

The creative brief was developed based on this requirement, and following this the initial brand development commenced.

The Solution.

Three initial creative themes were produced and presented to the client, from which they selected their preferred option. The selected brand identity incorporates the silhouette of a Purple Sandpiper encased in a bold lime green sphere. The circle around the Purple Sandpiper bird represents a lense used to view/conserve coastal wildlife in its habitat. The colour palette ranges from lime green through to a rich racing green, with a colour gradient adding depth and interest. The main font selected was Impact which off-sets the iconography, creating a distinct and clear brand identity. A secondary font, Lato, was introduced to identity individual service areas. Once agreed, the brand was applied to a range of merchandise, including eco friendly bamboo t-shirts, bio-degradable paper cups and shopping bags, demonstrating its flexibility.

r//evolution produced a simple Brand Toolkit for both in-house and third party use, and the logo was supplied across a variety of file types ensuring consistency and accuracy in its application.

The COAST Project now has a first class logo which looks good on all types of media. This will be the brand for my project and any future projects for a long time. I am proud to have a first class logo on my clothing and social media. Well done and thanks to Steph and the r//evolution team.

Ian Graham
Coastal Ranger
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