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Pass N Go.


One of the largest UK driving schools, Pass N Go offers driving lessons through its network of instructors who are part of its franchise.

1,821 additional customer purchases from Facebook campaigns in three months

The Brief.

Pass N Go required a remarketing campaign to boost the number of customers; supporting wider objectives to increase awareness and sales in key locations for both standard lessons and intensive courses.

The Solution.

Pass N Go provides learners throughout the UK – including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland, Leeds, Sheffield and more - with convenient solutions, whether that’s standard lessons, block bookings or intensive courses - all with a proven track record of success.

A remarketing campaign was setup across social media channels and through Google AdWords. To best meet the objectives, we established four campaigns, based around the target geographies and other key demographic data.

Remarketing campaign Facebook

Each campaign included elements to promote both general lessons and intensive courses to ensure business objectives to increase bookings over these two areas was covered.

Users are targeted and served adverts based on the areas of the website they have visited previously and pages they have spent time on or enquired about. The adverts created by r//evolution maintain awareness and emphasise the USPs of Pass N Go, and highlight any ongoing offers to encourage people along the buyers journey to book their lessons with the driving school. The adverts direct potential customers to highly-relevant landing pages focused around key locations (including Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland) to further encourage bookings and increase conversion rates.

To maximise the impact of the remarketing campaign and its associated adverts, our design team also created on-brand images to be used throughout the campaign to capture attention and support brand positioning.

r//evolution also delivered a fully bespoke, tailored training session to the Pass N Go team about the management of remarketing campaigns and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising across social media and AdWords platforms to provide additional insight to help the company make more effective use of these online marketing channels in the future.

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