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Tech Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation.

Celerity is an established data-driven IT company, delivering traditional and managed IT services from five offices across the UK. Over recent years, the business has been transitioning away from selling traditional hardware and support services, moving into the cloud and managed services arena.

48% increase in leads generated in 3 months

19% conversion rate of web visits to leads

The Brief.

Celerity required a Growth Partner to help the business transition away from selling traditional IT hardware & support services and further establish the brand in the cloud and managed service arena.

Celerity needed to enhance their perception within the industry & expand their reach throughout the UK.

The Solution.

Through analysis of business revenue streams and sector performance trends, three key areas of potential rapid growth were identified – Data Protection, Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure.

The growth strategy was built around the highest value verticals in each of the priority service areas.

The existing business systems were integrated with a new, optimised lead generation website, clearly communicating the brand positioning and revised value proposition.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) was embedded within the business, streamlining the tech-stack to allow efficient execution through personalised automation & data-intelligence and the removal of manual processes.

The CDP facilitated high-performing lead generation, customer acquisition and customer nurturing, driving rapid growth through the business.

To coincide with this, r//evolution utilised the HubSpot automation tools to ensure that leads were taken on a personalised journey and progressed through the different stages of the marketing funnel. In such a way, r//evolution helped to boost traffic, leads and conversions, by successfully engaging with users throughout.

This inbound marketing service included lead nurturing and optimising activity to consistently improve marketing performance and help Celerity to achieve its business objectives. 

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