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Orkney Tourism Group.

Visit Orkney Visitor Guide.

Orkney Tourism Group (OTG) has a target to grow tourism spend in Orkney from £31 million (current figure) to £40 million by 2025.

The Brief.

Its vision is that ‘Orkney will be the natural choice for discerning visitors seeking a world class experience on this unique archipelago which offers rare archaeological discoveries in a pristine, tranquil and welcoming setting.'  

Based on its strong destination marketing portfolio, //evolution was commissioned to work with OTG, to revitalise its main visitor collateral - the Visitor Guide and the Insider Guide, blending traditional and digital channels, to maximise engagement.  

Visitor Brochure Publication DesignVisitor Brochure Publication Page Design

The Solution.

Under the campaign theme 'Footprints in Time - reference to Orkney’s world class heritage offer, including the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site - a new creative concept was developed, to address both Orkney’s established visitor demographic and to attract a younger audience. In addition, Orkney’s rich cultural offer has been positioned to grow visitor numbers throughout the shoulder season.  

As part of this project, a bespoke online booking management system was developed to facilitate the advertising sales and processing of advert artwork. 

Creative Brochure Design for destination marketing

Creative design for destination marketing

r//evolution were very easy to work with and extremely well organised, whilst also at the same time still creative and flexible, when they designed and produced our 2018 Orkney Visitor Guide. It has now been launched and all feedback has been very positive. We are looking forward to working with r//evolution on future publications

Kerry Wilson
Project Officer
Orkney Tourism Group
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