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Workhorse is a fast-growing SaaS provider offering business software solutions for SMEs across the UK. Through their innovative applications, Workhorse enables companies to improve productivity, increase efficiency and streamline business processes through effective business management software.

The Brief.

Workhorse required a growth partner to help scale the business through the build and implementation of a new website. The company wanted to move away from selling traditional software solutions and focus primarily on their order and inventory management software offering. As well as generating new leads, Workhorse needed to enhance their perception within the industry and expand their reach throughout the UK.

The Solution.

Through detailed discussions between r//evolution’s development team and the Workhorse, the WordPress CMS was chosen for the new site. r//evolution created a fully bespoke design for the site, including embedded video throughout, a new pricing model as well as case studies and testimonials. As an existing HubSpot client, HubSpot was embedded throughout the website – including specific HubSpot landing pages, HubSpot forms as well as utilising the HubSpot call-to-actions. By including HubSpot’s suite of marketing tools, the Workhorse team were able to gain full visibility across their website and gained clear insight into user behaviour.

The site guides the visitor through a series of carefully planned CTA’s, with gated content including eBooks and datasheets providing data capture opportunities, in addition to a free trial sign-up. Further to the website build, r//evolution worked with the Workhorse team to create a new pricing matrix which highlighted the various subscriptions on offer. To measure the success of the pricing model, Hotjar screen recordings and heatmaps were set up on the pricing page.


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