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This explainer animation is designed to help VW Commercial Vehicle staff across the UK to understand just how important customer relations are and how VW Commercial Vehicles can support them. It guides the viewer through each stage of using their Customer Service Portal, to create a personalised experience at every stage of the customer service journey. The animation shows how the Portal’s a smart gift finder works, to make the customer service staff’s job even easier.

With a strong reputation for delivering high quality recruitment candidates, Erik Juhler required a new suite of eye-catching branded literature to reinforce their high-quality offer for employers.  

As part of a global group, Erik Juhler offers an unrivalled service with the added value of expert local knowledge and contacts from a highly experienced team.  

The Real Apprenticeship Company wanted an engaging animation to target potential apprentices, and clearly demonstrate the advantages that TRAC provides to its learners. The characters cleverly relate to the TRAC brand and the whole animation makes great use of the corporate colour palette. With its appealing characters and compelling differentiators this animation is a great example of conveying lots of information in a truly engaging and easily assimilated way.

With an expanding apprenticeship offer, Newcastle City Learning required a complete brand refresh and a strategic approach to their marketing to raise awareness of their offer amongst employers and learners.

r//evolution was awarded the Newcastle City Learning contract following the presentation of a series of creative options as well as a focused marketing plan.

Parker Barras is a leading firm of managing agents specialising in block management for residential and commercial properties nationwide including blocks of apartments, office blocks, shopping centres, industrial estates and mixed use schemes. Its client base includes Regus, Bizspace and Citibase

COAST invited r//evolution to create an exciting new brand identity, selecting the agency based on its extensive track record in the leisure and destination sector. r//evolution's creative team worked with representatives from COAST, discussing the requirements of the brand and how they saw the brand evolving.

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums has undertaken a substantial programme of developments at Arbeia, funded by the DCMS Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund. r//evolution has a strong portfolio in destination marketing and as such has been closely involved throughout the project – creating the WallQuest brand and a range of collateral from a responsive website to discovery and other literature.

Autumn Brewing Co. was seeking a design team to transform a business vision into a reality. Autumn Brewing Co. required the creation of a full brand identity which could then be used to produce product labels and various items of marketing collateral.

A new brand was required to position CJ Marine Consultants appropriately within the sector, to develop a substantive client base, and to reflect the disruptive nature of their offer.

Its vision is that ‘Orkney will be the natural choice for discerning visitors seeking a world class experience on this unique archipelago which offers rare archaeological discoveries in a pristine, tranquil and welcoming setting.'  

Based on its strong destination marketing portfolio, //evolution was commissioned to work with OTG, to revitalise its main visitor collateral - the Visitor Guide and the Insider Guide, blending traditional and digital channels, to maximise engagement.  


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