Cluttons LLP approached r//evolution to manage the set up and the implementation of HubSpot which would provide the business development and marketing department with a CRM platform to help better organise customers, prospects and manage the internal sales pipeline. 

The r//evolution team were also tasked with providing full-team training and ongoing technical support to the Cluttons team.

Tyneside Home Improvements required a long-term marketing partner to help to deliver sustained business growth.  

In particular, the business identified the need for a full-service marketing solution to raise awareness of the brand throughout the region and increase leads and appointments by highlighting the outstanding service and quality experienced by its customers.

To set foundations for intelligent and sustained inbound marketing, r//evolution was tasked with researching, scoping and recommending a CRM and marketing software system for Communicate.

The r//evolution team also needed to manage the setup and implementation of these new CRM and marketing systems, including providing full-team training and ongoing support.

Pass N Go required a remarketing campaign to boost the number of customers; supporting wider objectives to increase awareness and sales in key locations for both standard lessons and intensive courses.

Alongside development of a new bespoke website, a range of online marketing activity was planned and delivered to support Donwood Glass’ wider business goals to increase customers and sales.

Northumbrian Candleworks required a responsive and effective eCommerce website in order to increase online sales volume, with a particular focus on growing the number of direct consumers alongside a healthy trade and wholesale customer base. As such, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was key for the business to drive additional traffic and sales through its website.

Search Engine Optimisation Keywords

With no sustained or proactive approach taken to marketing previously, James Burrell was keen to grow its online presence. Particular focus was placed on increasing brand awareness and highlighting the Builders Merchants’ contribution to the North East and Yorkshire economies. Through a range of online marketing activities, the company was looking to reach new branch trade-counter customers as well as engage and build stronger relationships with current customers.

Michael O’Connor wanted to take advantage of all that eCommerce has to offer. r//evolution were required to support the furniture retailer to develop its online presence, boost traffic and ultimately increase sales and help grow the online side of the business.

As a creative marketing agency, we were well placed to create and deliver an engaging marketing strategy for the brand - Ali Hutchinson.

We were tasked to target a wider audience, develop a substantial online presence through a new dedicated website, and increase brand awareness to boost sales.

In today's digital marketplace, standing out online is key to success. Whether you want to increase your web presence with SEO, social media advertising, Pay Per Click or build web traffic through online marketing - we can help.

We’ve delivered online marketing campaigns for corporates, SMEs and start-ups across the UK, so we really know our stuff. We take our wealth of knowledge and create strategic online marketing campaigns to make best use of your budget, delivering excellent return on investment (ROI) each and every time.

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